Card Reader
card reader

– 125KHz, Contactless EM ID card reader
– Read range – up to 5cm
– Wiegand Output Interface
– IP65 Weatherproof enclosure
– Built – in buzzer
– Keypad with backlight (CA-EI-R86K)

finger print

– Offline use support; TCP/ IP interface
– RS485 and RS232 standard configuration
– 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint verification
– Lock/unlock doors with registered fingerprint:
– CA-FP-100F:500 fingerprints templates
– CA-FP-100FS/FIC/FID:300 fingerprints templates
– Shortcut keys for menu selection
– Quick start setup and configuration wizards
– Tamper alarms and other conditions such as verification refused, lock out and duress can be monitored directly (CA-FP-100FS/FIC/FID)
– Combinations of fingerprint/password (CA-FP–100fs)/ MIFARE (CA-FP-100FIC) / EM ID card control (CA-FP-100FID)
– Abnormal status / lock dysfunction alarm and reset
– Support wired door bell output


– 2- doors controller, expandable up to 20 doors over RS485 network
– Embedded Web server
– 32- bit ARM9 processor
– Onboard I/0:2 readers; 8 supervised inputs; and 4 relay outputs
– Flash programming for firmware revision updates
– Anti-passback capability, hard and soft
– Two-door interlock supported
– Real time clock

PRO 3000

The PRO3000 IP-enabled controller is an advanced access control panel capable of providing solution for medium to large applications. The PRO3000 provides power and flexibility with its 32-bit CPU architecture, TCP/ IP protocol support, flash memory for firmware and large local card holderdatabase. The PRO3000 combines intelligent controller and reader interface into one complete unit. It connects for two readers via Wiegand controlling two doors. The controller can support up to 62 doors via RS485 multidrop communication where 30 downstream controllers are connected to the gateway controller. This architecture can reduce the usage on LANs by using only one TCP/IPaddress to 62 doors. The PRO3000 accommodates a card database of 55,000 cards,and a transaction buffer of 45,000 transactions.


WIN-PAK XE 4.0(Express Edition) is the baseline software package for access control only. Manage NetAXS and NS2/NS2P controllers from a single workstation. WIN-PAK XE is ideal for single workstation systems that require access only funcationality.
WIN-PAK SE 4.0 (Standard Edition) is the software package for access control and standard video integration. The add-on VISTA intrusion module can further enhance the integration solution. WIN-PAK SE 4.0 is ideal for small to medium integrated security applications and available in 1 or 5 workstation versions.